Saturday, July 2, 2011


I guess the title of today's blog pretty well describes our work yesterday.  I occupied  most the day installing security grab bars, poles, etc, trying to help Margie in her mobility needs.  I think we now have things fairly well under control. Even with the new lift chair which basically brings a person to an almost upright position, Margie still needs more security as she leaves the chair to a standing position.  Maybe now with the relocated security pole, that will happen.  We pray it will.  We were called yesterday by a friend advising us that another dear friend of ours, Al Hickinbotham, passed away in his sleep yesterday morning.  I was asked to have his service which will be the end of this month. It looks like it will be a great day today with the sun shining brightly and warmer temperatures on the way. I hope Margie had a good night.  The last few have been sort of restless. She is still sleeping as I write this.  Thanks so much for your prayers,

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