Friday, July 22, 2011

A change

Margie "seizure" patterns changed and she could not converse or answer much beyond a simple "yes". It was sad indeed and the spells lengthened in time.  She had several visitors throughout the day. Occupation therapy was given her and it was determined that she may qualify for rehab in the south campus wing of the St. Joseph's hospital. Margie's incoherent speaking  concerned us greatly and it was very sad indeed.  Out of a seizure Margie was perfectly normal in speech, memory and all,  I had to leave to go home but called Margie later and Dr. Mackay (neurologist) was there.  I had waited all day for him but he never appeared while I was there.  The Lord helped me so much when Dr. Mackay asked me to describe how I saw Margie's situation.  As I spoke he said I was describing perfectly a person with seizures and he was going to start medication immediately. He thanked me for the apt description given.  At that point my heavy heart was relieved somewhat.  We just pray Margie will get help with the new medication.  Thank you for praying and standing with us during these difficult days.

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