Thursday, January 12, 2012

An unfortunate situation

I was very surprised to learn that the Online business I am trying to get going was all of a sudden shut down due to "invalid clicking activity".  Apparently I along with others were clicking on the ads on our site to check them out but too many did it and they disqualified me for future use.  The system pays "per click" a small percentage and if a purchase is made, one receives more.  Well, we live and learn.  Our coaching team is trying to make an appeal for reinstatement.  If that doesn't work, we will shut down our site.  I was told there is still another option. We thank you for praying about this.  We would like to have a little coming in to pay for medications that Margie's insurance does not cover.  It is all in the Lord's hand.  We enjoy so much writing the short narratives about our experiences in Brazil and hope we can continue it.  Margie had a good day yesterday and got a good report from her doctor.  This is a real answer to prayer.  Thanks for being part of this with us.

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