Monday, January 30, 2012

Family visit

After preaching yesterday in our home church, we had lunch and later went to Christian Health Care Center in Lynden, Washington to visit our daughter Joy.  Joy seemed pleased to be with us.  As usual she had MANY things on her mind that she wanted us to do. Without words she grabs our hand and "points" to whatever she would like us to do.  She is a busy gal and keeps us busy while there.  We finally figured out that she wanted her shoes on and we pushed her around in the wheelchair throughout the many corridors of the facility.  It was getting nearer to her supper hour so one of her caregivers said she would be walking with her walker to supper. That is good because she needs the exercise.  With that, we left and picked up a prepared chicken on the way home and had a bite to eat.  Then Rawlie and Gina and Monique went to Vista house for the night and we prepared for sleep.  It was a good day.  The time with Joy was hard for Margie as Joy continuously grabbed her arm trying to get her to do something.  Next time we will not put Margie so close to her so it won't wear her out.  We did have a nice time however and are so grateful to have Joy close to us.  Thanks for praying.

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