Thursday, January 19, 2012

Much snow

Much snow for us probably is less snow for many. When Mrs. Bose brought Joy to Washington we took her back and forth to Christian Health Care Center.  Normally we would not have driven in those conditions but there was no choice.  We did fine.  And we were so thankful our son took Mrs. Bose to meet her daughter so we didn't have to make that trip.  Our car is real reliable and has studless tires that do a good job on snow and ice. TODAY however, we must get out again BUT there is a problem.  A 3 ft. snowdrift blocks our car in the garage.  We will have, Lord willing, a landscape company come today and clear it for us.  We received a call from Joy's place yesterday for permission to get more medication for her.  The kind lady said the therapist had been with Joy and she well in the physical therapy.  We are so pleased they are working with her.  Thanks SO MUCH for praying.  It has been such a blessing to see God work in the whole thing.

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