Thursday, January 26, 2012

A first

For a couple of  years now I have taken Margie shopping, to the doctors, visits, church and other events.  Yesterday I drove her to the doctor appointment but she went in on her own.  This is a first.  Then I took her to some places where she did the shopping while I stayed in the car.  Boy, this is a first and a tribute to answered prayer.  I know the day was hard on her but I was unable to help much due to my coming out of the flu episode. Gratefully she had a good night so did not suffer from her very busy day.  I received another important call from the Christian Health Care Center and today will be getting some answers to their questions.  I will be calling Shepherds for the answers.  Thanks for praying. Joy's new caregivers are endeavoring to give her the best care possible and we are pleased.

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