Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Rude awakening

Margie had a good day, doing various duties around the house.  She baked some gluten free muffins for herself also. In the evening we prepared the oven for the self-clean mode and started the process.  BUT we forgot an important matter.  We forgot to turn the exhaust fan on over the stove to get rid of that fierce odor.  I finally realized it and turned it on.  But it was too late.  Margie got sick and headed for the bedroom where we always prepare the room with fresh air, by opening the door and using a fan.  This is the way she sleeps best.  That was her salvation.  I sprayed the entire house (minus the bedroom) trying to minimize the hideous odor and told Margie not to come out of the bedroom.  Finally things got calmed down but we learned a good lesson, which we should have known, but it's easy to forget some important things. Today all is back to normal and things "smell" good again. I am so glad she didn't suffer all night because of it.  She slept well.  We are thankful.

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