Friday, January 13, 2012

More details of Joy's placement

It seems each day there are new developments to the paper work to get Joy settled in her new place.  All have been so good to us and as we work with each agency, we are impressed with the keen interest each takes in our situation.  Truly it is a blessing from the Lord.  Yesterday we worked more with the department responsible to get Joy's Medicaid document. At church, I am responsible for the weekly prayer sheet.  This week there were serious requests to report from far and here at home.  Last night we attended the prayer meeting at church and were pleased with those who came.  Please continue to pray for our weather situation. As Joy's arrival date approaches, so does the threat of snow. Our main concern of course, is transportation.  On Wednesday of next week we will drive Ruth Bose to her daughter's place in Sultan, WA.  Please remember us and also the trip on Monday to bring Joy to Lynden, WA and the Christian Health Care Center.

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