Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Joy's New Home

Yesterday Joy moved into her new home at Christian Health Care Center, Lynden,WA.   Mrs. Bose, her caregiver brought her from Shepherds, and her daughter Lisa and son-in-law Jim, brought her to Lynden. What a wonderful time it was.  Joy seemed to adapt as if this had been her home forever.  It was so encouraging to see this.  And the staff at this facility is so attentive and caring.  We are truly blessed. Thanks for praying.  We must take Mrs. Bose now to the Care Center and she will help the staff with some other items of interest to them in caring for Joy.  Our son will meet us there and take Mrs. Bose to a town south of us on Interstate 5 where her children will meet her half way.  This is a huge help to us.  A big storm is coming in tonight so Mrs. Bose decided to return today.  It is a wise decision.  The snow is packed on the evergreens to the point of the branches almos touching the ground.  We have LOTS of snow.   Thanks for praying.

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