Monday, January 23, 2012

Hopefully better

I am praying I will be better from here on.  I had a good night's rest.  I feel pretty good, a little tired but have several things to do with regard to Joy's documents so must keep at it. Margie will visit Joy today.  I am unable to do so because of my cold.  A kind friend will take Margie there.  Margie has been wanting to see her but the road condition(snow) and my health prevented it.  Margie has taken the lead in things around the house because I have been unable to do them.  I rejoice she is stronger and able to do more but do not want her to get worn down in the process.  Hopefully by mid week I will be getting my strength back.   Yesterday we did not go to church.Our son was here Friday and Saturday night and he is always a big help.  We appreciate it greatly.  So please keep on praying, I will get better, Margie will maintain her health and that I can get Joy's paper work in order.  Thank you much for this help.

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