Monday, January 17, 2011

Keeping on

Yes, we just keep on keeping on.   Life is NOT boring.  As the years roll on, it takes us longer to do our normal chores, so therefore we are busier than we were in former days.  Isn't it amazing how it works!   We thoroughly enjoyed our day yesterday at church.  At home on Sunday our meals are always very SIMPLE.  We pre-record Christian programs and enjoy them in the afternoon.   We also listen to the Old Fashion Revival Hour.  The music is fantastic and we are particularly impressed by Rudy Atwood's piano playing.  It is even more interesting in that we have heard him play many times in the church where he attended in California. As students we would go to that church and listen and watch that gifted man.   Of course Charles Fuller is a wonderful, humble preacher of the word and "he being dead still speaks".  The marvel of electronics and radio.  We appreciate you who are writing us suggestions regarding possibilities for at-home-employment.  We are pursuing those now.  We deeply appreciate your kindness and prayer for us, especially Margie, as she regains her strength. 

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