Saturday, January 8, 2011

John Harder memorial service

This afternoon at 2 the service will be held at 1st Baptist in Ferndale.  We are all prepared for it and our son arrives this morning to help with further details.  Margie had a good night.  I cannot brag about mine but this is rare for me to have a "bad" night. Margie was able to do a LOT yesterday and we were amazed at her determination to keep at it and get the chores done.  I wanted to do it but she insisted on doing as much as she could. We praise the Lord how she paced herself and was able to do these things.  I folded the memorial folders in the morning and tweaked my part of the service (which will be on Power Point) and we are pretty well set for the event this afternoon. Many of you have prayed for Rawlie and Giina during these days and we appreciate it greatly.

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