Tuesday, January 11, 2011


We are sure you noted the numerical sequence of today's date.  In other countries it reads like this: 11-1-11.  In some countries people get married on these special numerically interesting days.  Well I guess for us it is just another day but we must remember it too is a gift from God. I plan to do banking, post office and some other errands because tonight about commute time they forecast 6 inches of snow.  I'd rather be home when that happens.  Margie's night was sort of restless but she made it OK. I am still in the investigating mode, looking for Online at home employment possibilities.  Believe me, they are endless and we discover that perhaps 46 percent are scam.  Only the Lord can unravel that mess for us as we seek to find something that will help with the medical expenses. We're not looking at the "get rich" schemes, for they do not fit our category of desires. Thanks for praying.

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