Friday, March 11, 2016


I am the Lord, who heals you. 
Exodus 15:26

Medicine, hospitals doctors and nurses, are here to help us all,
And thank God for them as they serve mankind, whether the great or small.
God tells us plainly in His Word about healing, and we should hear,
He's our Healer and we thank Him for this as He takes away our fear.(RP)

Starting Wednesday night, our county was hit with a terrific wind storm. On the mountain (Mt. Baker) winds were clocked at 108 mph.  Here gusts reached 67 regularly and another report gave 80 mph winds in the area. Thousands were out of power and still are. Our lights went out for 5 minutes only, last night while we were watching the debate. We had two appointments yesterday but the wind did not hinder going to them. But the grocery stores and drug stores were closed and many street lights off. It was really a good day to stay home. Just a word as I finish this blog today. Thanks Harold for the most encouraging correspondence. We deeply appreciate it. Thanks for praying.

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