Wednesday, May 23, 2012


We are learning new terminology about this rehab business.  Yesterday Margie was taken to our car in the Christian Health Care Center parking lot and did a "dry run" on getting into and out of the car. It is called "transfer".  That went well. It has been my great concern.  Today the Occupational Therapist will follow us to our home in Ferndale and do a "walk through" our house to see how Margie does in the different areas.  One thing I was not able to install before she came was a handrail from the garage into our family room.  There is a handicap item which will do it but I haven't had time to order it and get it here and installed.   (Margie just called and for the first time in 13 days at Rehab, she had a sleepless early morning.  The nurse gave some medication and she finally went to sleep.  I have made all arrangements for Margie's therapy here in Ferndale when she comes home.  We start next Tuesday morning.  Please continue to pray she will get the motion in her arm needed for complete recovery from this delicate surgery. Thank you.

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