Friday, May 11, 2012

Not ready

We were saddened by the fact that Margie is not able to go home.  She is not strong enough to climb the two steps during therapy.  Her therapy on her arm is also slow.  We urge you to stand with us in prayer that she will get stronger.  Yesterday's treatment left her with nausea and much pain.  It was concluded she could not return home yesterday.  We were given the choice what to do and Margie agreed she needs more professional help before going home.  We chose the same facility where our daughter Joy resides, Christian Health Care of Lynden.  The Lord is so good and we will be able to see Joy more often now.  I went to a local medical supply company in Bellingham and got another kind of "cane" called a Hemi-walker to aid Margie in her therapy.  Thanks dear friends for praying.  We deeply appreciate it.

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