Thursday, May 24, 2012

45 minutes at home

Yesterday the Occupational Therapists followed our car to our home and did a home visit to determine how things were for Margie's ability to function when she comes home.  It was pretty favorable. She was impressed with all the grab bars we had installed for her safety.  She gave other ideas which we will implement as soon as we are here long enough to work on them. Margie had visitors yesterday and also a lady from a group associated with the Christian Health Care Center who make personal calls to patients after their discharge. She arranged her first visit to our home to help Margie.  So it was a busy day and Margie was plenty tired out by the time we returned to the Rehab.   I saw Joy several times during the day.  They are working on her tryihng to determine just what is going on.  She is not eating normally, which for her is very unusual.  Please pray.

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