Monday, May 28, 2012

Last minute details

Today Rawlie and Nathan are installing a grab bar in the bathroom which requires some expertise to accomplish.  I appreciate so much their help.  I have just about completed putting one on the garage to family room door. I go this morning to get a special transfer tub bench according to specifications. I must get all in order now because for the next number of days I cannot leave Margie alone.  The Occupational Therapist and Social services worker strongly emphasized this.  Yesterday Margie did experience some pain but it was less than other days.  We are thankful for that.  She had visitors.  Margie walked down to see Joy, accompanied by a therapist on both trips.  Joy had her fingernails clipped.  We watched in awe as the nurse did this.  Before Joy would never have allowed anyone to "mess" with her fingers.  The nurse with great skill completed the job.  We wonder if Joy knew that the reward for cooperation was a glass of chocolate milk.  At any rate it was great. Please pray as tomorrow Margie comes home, Lord willing, and Joy goes to the dentist.

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