Saturday, May 19, 2012

Better report

Margie just called and we are so thankful she had a good night.  They had changed her medication and she was concerned about sleeping.  She did well. Yesterday she did well in her therapy as well. The therapist had her walk quite a distance down to see our daughter Joy, without using the Hemi -walker.  That was quite a walk.  In the afternoon she asked the therapist if I could accompany her down to see Joy and she gave permission.  She did well using the walker.  Margie had several visitors yesterday, including our pastor and today more are coming. We meet with the Margie's surgeon Monday morning and in the afternoon we have a conference at the Rehab Center to assess Margie's progress and layout the plan for future days of rehab.  Please pray with us about this.  Margie's inability to use her right hand to help her in the maneuver to get into our house, is what is keeping her in Rehab.  But we admit this place is the BEST for that.  They have helped her so much. Thank you for praying.

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