Thursday, September 15, 2011

The time has arrived

Our daughter Joy has received the most tender loving dedicated care that it is humanly possible to receive during her 45 years as resident at Shepherds Home in Union Grove, WI. Shepherd's admission and discharge policy clearly states the criteria for admission and  pin points certain areas that a client must be independent in order to be accepted at Shepherds.After the tracking was completed for Joy it has come to their attention that she requires a level of care that we cannot continue to provide. Margie and I knew that this day was coming we just didn't know when.  Would you please pray for Shepherds and us as we work with them to determine what can be done for Joy's care in another facility.  Margie's fragile health prevents our being able to do much but we want to do what we can and should for this transition.  It is naturally hard for us to think of no longer having a "link" to Shepherds via our daughter Joy.  Please pray for this wonderful home with whom we have been associated with for so many years.  We only have the deepest respect and admiration for who they are and what they stand for and ALL they have done for Joy these many years.

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