Friday, September 2, 2011

Live and learn

In trying to find the right blender for Margie, I looked at many places and none had the item I wanted.  But on the Internet their stores carried it.  So I found it, paid for it and in no time an email advised me that it was ready for pick up in Bellingham.  What a neat deal.  So, as I write this Margie is busy washing the blender and cutting the fruit etc. to put in it.  I will help her get acquainted with the machine then she will know how to use it thereafter.  She had a restful sleep last night.  She looks forward to being able to do more today also.  I just received a call from the roofing company who will come Labor Day to give an estimate for the mold removal process on the roof shingles.  I am thinking I will have to have several estimates to get the right price. If it were not for my bionic knees and old age, I could pressure wash the roof myself, but at our stage in life, wisdom teaches me otherwise.  We trust you all have a good day and thanks so much for the prayer support.

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