Sunday, September 25, 2011

More things to do

I started out painting the west side of our house yesterday.  Then the kind men from our church came to sweep the roof, cleaning off the moss which had been treated previously treated with a chemical.  After that they reapplied more chemical.  This changed my plans for painting and I spent the rest of the day cleaning out the gutters which were pretty well clogged up with debris. I wonder how many times I climbed up and down that ladder yesterday.  Pretty good exercise for an old man. (Ha!) Margie did well also and had several projects around the house which she undertook. She rests, when needed, and also walks to help maintain her strength level.  Rawlie and our granddaughter, Monique stayed here last night.  It is always nice having them, especially now that Margie is stronger and feeling better. In just a few minutes I will go in an wake up Margie (per her request) and she will start her day.  We pray she has a good one.  All signs seems to indicate she had a good night and for this we are thankful.

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