Thursday, September 22, 2011

Here & There

We hadn't shopped in several days so off to Bellingham we went.  Margie stays in the car sometimes while I shop and I just run in and pick up the items and return quickly. At Walmart she shopped because there was quite a list.  We made several other stops then headed for Lynden to have lunch before taking her to the physical therapy session.  After all this, we returned to Ferndale and picked up her prescription at Walgreens and went home.  We were glad to be home.  We were rejoicing in the fact that Margie had the strength to do this.  Surely it is answer to prayer and we appreciate so much you who are helping us this way.  Technically, I should have painted yesterday because today it is raining.  At least the side of the house that gets abused the most, has a good undercoat of paint and can weather the storm until I get the finish coat on. Margie just awakened and unfortunately did not have a real good night.  Her neck was hurting from the physical therapy but she finally got to sleep later on.

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