Saturday, September 3, 2011

Plenty to do

Our son comes today with a U-Haul trailer to take some things back to his home in Stanwood.  Margie & I will be cleaning our freezer (defrosting).  The forecast is for warm weather today and that will be nice. We can tell "fall" is in the air so our warmth is on the way out, we are sure. Margie had a full day yesterday by doing  the laundry from start to finish.  Her level of endurance is increasing and we are thrilled.  She felt bad toward the end of the day and that seems to be the pattern lately.  But we know that her enriched smoothie each day is really helping.  We are so thankful for getting this advice from her doctor about this nourishing drink.  So we take things one day at a time and are so thankful to you who pray for us.

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