Monday, October 25, 2010

Weather report

I usually start walking in the early morning before the sun comes up. Today I awakened but it was raining and I decided not to go.  I need to walk and will probably learn from Margie.  She walks in the house from one end to the other - family room to bedroom.  It is actually a pretty good distance and that's how she gets her walks in.  She longs for the day she will be able to go with me. Yesterday we went to our church and it is always a blessing to have the fellowship and good preaching from the Word from our pastor. At home we also listened and viewed a pre-recorded program. Margie did not use the TENS machine (for pain) after her tooth extraction but last night wore it for over an hour.  She declared this morning that it helped her sleep much better last night.  We are thankful.  I will be reminding you to please pray for my participation in the special outreach at our church on Halloween.  I will be speaking three different times.  Please pray for attention and clarity as I present the object lessons.

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