Monday, October 18, 2010

Prayer reminder

After a wonderful time at our church yesterday, we spent a quiet afternoon at home enjoying some pre-recorded programs on the TV.  At church, it was the final Sunday of our missions conference and we were blessed hearing the reports from the mission field.
We never know how many people look at the blog, but in case you do, please remember Margie's dental appointment tomorrow where she will have a tooth extracted.  She opted out of the root canal for that tooth, because the one next to it that she just completed is ok but an X-ray showed a problem in this one. The root canal in the adjoining tooth was difficult for her - about 4 hours in two different sessions, so decided to have this one taken out.  The dentist admitted it was problematic anyway so we feel better going this route.  We thank you for the prayer support. With her fragile health we don't want this extraction to complicate things.

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