Wednesday, October 6, 2010


We received word late yesterday afternoon that Margie's second pair of glasses are ready.  What a blessing this will be for her to be able to see things at a distance.  Up until now, her distant vision has been very limited.  I will drive her into Bellingham this morning to have these new glasses fitted properly. It is rewarding to think that finally this long journey of eye surgeries has ended and now normalcy returns with the added bonus of being able to read and see much better.  The severe attacks of last Sunday have left her pretty well washed out, but gradually she is returning to the pattern she was enjoying prior to this.   Thanks for praying for her and her need for daily strength.  We need much wisdom and direction about a scheduled trip to Union Grove, Wisconsin. We will not attempt this if her strength level does not improve. We appreciate your help in pray about this.

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