Sunday, October 31, 2010

A memorable day

51 years ago today in the Peruvian town along the Amazon River called Iquitos, our daughter Joy was born. We were guests of Jerry Russell an ABWE missionary who worked in that area.  Little did we know that Joy was developmentally disabled.  From our base in Benjamin Constant, Brazil, we traveled by airplane to the town of Bogota, Colombia to have her checked when she was over 8 months old.  By that time she was having breathing problems and some other things that alerted us to the fact she was a special child.  The doctors in Bogota thought she was Down Syndrome.  Later it was verified that this was not so.  In the providence of God, years later, Shepherds accepted her as a resident where she has been ever since. Our gratitude to God and Shepherds for the wonderful care they have given her these MANY years is more than we can adequately describe. Some of you have followed our journey with Joy and we thank you for your prayers for us and her and our son Rawlie.
This afternoon on our church parking lot, I will be speaking 3 different times to 3 separate groups giving Gospel object lessons to the trick or treaters who come there.  It is an evangelistic outreach ministry of our church.  Please pray.

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