Sunday, October 3, 2010

Surprise attack

For a long time Margie has not had a severe breathing spell.  This morning as I was just about to administer a drop of medication in her newly operated eye, per the doctor's orders, she had another violent spell.  We learned years ago through a doctor that Alka Seltzer Gold ( a product unknown to most people) helps in such cases. Well for the first time since she has had these attacks, we had to give her THREE doses at 3 different times. As I write this I have a bell by her side and if she needs me she will ring it and I'll go running. As she was gasping for breath and also gagging on what we presume to be a build up of mucous, I prayed asking the Lord to give her relief.  One more time she called me.  This is a first as far as the severity of her condition is concerned.  I was moments away from calling 911 but she decided against it.  Please pray for dear Margie.  She has suffered so much and I feel badly to see it continue.  We appreciate your prayers so much.  She had complained yesterday of feeling so tired and saying that if she didn't improve, she would not be attending church today. But she had her clothes all set out that she was going to wear to the service. Well, for sure we won't be in church.  We'll have to take the second best and watch some programs on the TV.

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Jeff Craig said...

Dear Bro. & Mrs. Poulson...
My name is Jeff Craig & I am the pastor of First Baptist of Castaic, CA. I met you once a couple of years ago when you were passing thru. You encouraged me that night and I have thought of and prayed for you often since. Please know that we will pray for you guys tonight in our services. Thank you for being faithful to serve God. It encourages this young pastor. In Christ, Jeff Craig