Saturday, October 23, 2010


We are careful how we report Margie's progress. We are encouraged with any increase in strength and ability to do things.  Yesterday she did all the washing, drying, folding and ironing of clothes.  For almost a year I did this (cheerfully) knowing it was helping her by conserving her strength.  In fact she was unable to do it for a long time. Margie wants to do these things to free me up to do more of our Shepherd's ministry work.  We need wisdom about our attendance at the end of the year activities at Shepherds the first week of December.  At this point in time, Margie does not feel she can make the trip.  She really wants to go, as do I, but if she is not strong enough to travel, we will gladly stay here.  Thank you for praying about this.  We appreciate it.

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