Tuesday, October 26, 2010


All was well last night with the laptop computer.  This morning when I booted up, the screen was different and all the files were gone.  I went immediately to Carbonite (the computer owner's best friend) and started the RESTORE process and went to the chat support for further help.  To make a long story short, the printers didn't work either, so I knew if I turned them on and rebooted, Vista "reads" the signals of the printers and installs the drivers. When all came back, there were all the files and all as it was yesterday.  It's a mystery. We are just glad it works.   I had my early morning walk in the dark with much wind and cold weather.  Margie had a good night with the exception of a near breathing problem again. Praise the Lord it was not serious.  But it causes us great concern.  We don't know the cause.  She has been on special medication to prevent them but they still returned so that leaves us with many questions.  Thanks for praying

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