Friday, August 8, 2014


Psalm 116:6 
The Lord preserves the simple

I am just a simple man, who wants God to direct,
And this I know He'll do for me; this is what I expect.
I go through life depending on Him, for all the things I need,
And when the day is over, I know He's done it indeed. 
Thank God for simple people, who learn to trust the Lord,
They face each day with thankfulness, and are never bored. (RP)

Computer delays make me turn this day into TWO.  The same will appear tomorrow unless I have a moment to change it.  Thank the Lord for technical support.  It brought me back to being able to use our email program once again.  Margie experimented in the kitchen on some baking today.  She was not real pleased with the outcome, but I do declare the banana bread was delicious.  I don't think our son will be coming this weekend.  Thanks dear friends for praying.  P.S.  I didn't post this until 4:45 PM.   

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