Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Never boring

The days are always too full to be boring.  Margie kept very busy in the kitchen, making potato salad and preparing lunch.  She also made some delicious nectarine-plum sauce for me.  I kept busy with my writing and posting narratives on our blog site.  I will soon terminate that site because it has been a complete flop money-wise.  I have received more than 10,000 comments from around the world about how much people appreciate the things I write.  I am sure also that some have been saved through reading them according to remarks I receive.  But the original intent was that buyers would be directed to our site via search engine technology and shop Online.  They found our site and really enjoyed reading the interesting stories from Brazil, but none are purchasing anything.  One has to wonder if the parent company is some how taking advantage of my popular narratives to direct the bloggers to purchase for their credit, not mine.  Of course I cannot prove this nor ever will, but at least I can think it.   Please pray as we seek a reliable publisher to put my work in print.  Also, thank you so much for praying for Margie and her upcoming shoulder surgery.  We thank you.

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