Friday, March 16, 2012

Change of date

The surgery scheduling nurse called Marge yesterday to change the date of May 9 to May 8 for her surgery.  So who knows, maybe it will change again.  We would be pleased if it could be sooner but we leave that with the Lord. Yesterday was wash day and Margie & I do it together.  I do the washing and drying so she doesn't have to go down the steps to the garage.  She does the folding of the smaller items (I do the sheets -that's my "specialty"- I guess).  She also did the ironing which surprised me because she has to use her right arm.  It was change the bed sheets day, and I did 4 beds.  In the evening we attended prayer meeting.   Yesterday it rained as hard as we have ever seen it rain even in the years we were in Brazil.  Thank you all for praying. Our greatest concern right now is the waiting period for surgery for Margie.  The pain is extreme.  Fortunately she now has pain medication, but she is very CAREFUL in using it.

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