Monday, March 5, 2012

An important decision

Margie's poor health puts her at times in depression.   She has been experiencing this for over a week now.  Sunday we had planned on staying home because she felt so badly.  But yesterday morning while reading her Bible, stated she wanted to go to church.  She made the decision to go anyway, despite her feelings.  She wanted to be at the worship service.  I was pleased but knew it was a sacrifice for her to do her best to get ready and attend. We were blessed by an invitation from our son to join him for lunch at a local restaurant.  We had a nice time and the food was delicious. Margie's decision to get back into the flow of our regular schedule applies and we have planned our week to do the normal activities we have been doing for some time.  She will be contacting her doctor about the continued shakiness and general weakness she is experiencing.  the thyroid medication has not caused any change she is aware of.  Please pray with us about this.  We appreciate it.

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