Friday, November 4, 2011

We hope

Maybe at last after long months of searching, we may have found something that will help us bring in some financial help for our medical expenses. If it does work out, we will post the new blog site here so you can see what we are doing.  In just a few more days it should be near completion.  Margie had a good day yesterday and together we washed dried and folded the clothes.  I only did the washing, which is done in our garage area.  She has difficulty descending and ascending the two stairs into our family room. Yesterday morning I went to our local tire shop and had the studless snow tires mounted on our car for the winter.  We have not used them for many years because with our work with Shepherds, we were rarely home in the winter to need them.  Margie did not have a very good night.  We pray tonight will be better.

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