Tuesday, November 15, 2011


We are encouraged today after yesterday's communication with the care facility where we applied for Joy to be placed.  The Director of Admissions, S. P., was so very kind to us in explaining some of the procedure necessary prior to her transfer.  Given no unforeseen problems, she feels Joy will be able to be in their facility. This is truly an answer to prayer and we are so grateful for this administration's kindness in helping us. Yesterday was a busy day for us in that Margie had an appointment with the neurologist, this fine doctor who, among many, finally discovered the cause of Margie's extreme neck and head pain and prescribed medication that alleviated it greatly. We also had some shopping to do which added to the day's activities.  We were mighty happy to be back home.  Margie sits in the car ofttimes when I shop to help her not to overexert. Thanks for praying and please continue and I will update Joy's situation as things occur.  I am sorry to report that Margie's night was very short, overtaken with insomnia.

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