Monday, November 28, 2011

Countdown 11

We are very burdened about our daughter's placement after her discharge date of December 9.  We are in correspondence with Shepherds, assuring them we are doing everything we can from this side of the country to make it happen.  We know that in the final scheme of things, it has to be the Lord who does it.  We sincerely thank you all for praying about this.  Margie certainly had a good night - one of her best.  We are grateful. This morning I have an appointment with my coach concerning a business from home on the computer.  When it is all set up I will inform you about it.  In fact for the last many days, my first Brazilian narrative has been published and from here on there will be two weekly. With the Medicare situation changing, we are praying this will give us sufficient to fill in the gaps of some medical expenses.

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