Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day of rest

Sunday is a wonderful day. We have the privilege of being in church, have fellowship with others, and study the Word of God. For so many months we could not go because of Margie's illness.  Today we look forward to it.
Last night Margie slept wonderfully.  Great news.  Yesterday she prepared lunch for Rawlie and our grandson Nathan.  Nathan is busy updating and installing new electric heaters throughout our house.  Rawlie is working on the Vista house preparing it for rental. I was in our garage organizing and cleaning up the garage sale items we hope to get rid of some day. Our main concern these days continues to be our daughter Joy's situation.  Please continue to pray the rest home will decide if they can accept her.  We are puzzled by their reticence to do so based on the fact she is non-verbal.  Thank you for your prayer support.  This matter has been VERY hard on Margie and we understand why.

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