Friday, December 17, 2010

Thursday prayer

Yesterday we were pleased Margie was well enough to attend the afternoon prayer meeting at our church.  We always look forward to this.  Each Thursday I review with those present a prayer verse from the Bible and make 3 or more statements about it.  Then I compose a very small poem to remind us of the teaching of the verse. We are please with those who come and always pray more will attend.  Margie had to be on the phone several times due to her doctor's request for a dosage change in her medication. She wanted to clear with the rheumatologist before actually beginning the process. I continue research on at home job opportunities. The possibilities are almost endless if one can discern between the  legitimate and scams.  I have concluded that there are many good choices but my qualifications do not match the requirements. Certainly the Lord has something out there for me, so I can be at home and care for Margie.  This is why we are so indebted to Shepherds for allowing us this privilege during the year.  We will never stop thanking the Lord and Shepherds for this.   Thanks, dear ones, for praying.  We appreciate you more than words can tell.

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