Thursday, December 2, 2010

Skype day

Shepherds has schedule a Skype session this morning.   We are looking forward to that and hope the electronics all function so it can happen.  Those who read our web pages know that this week is full of meetings for the church representatives and field men.  We always looked forward to those.  This year Margie was not up to making the trip so we cancelled our plane reservation.  We called our son last night on his birthday and Margie is working the best she can to have a meal for him and his family this Saturday.  In fact Margie may enlist the help of our granddaughter Monique to help decorate the Christmas tree.  We'll update you on this as things happen.
Margie's health is improving slowly.  We know it's a long journey and appreciate so much your love, prayers and understanding throughout this year.

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