Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Day

Note: This is what we posted on our web site this morning. We want to repeart it here for those who don't look at our daily messages on the web site.
NOSTALGIATechnically this is our last day with Shepherds. They have been good to us beyond measure and even granted a bonus which means I will still be writing some letters.  It is our way of saying in a very small way THANK YOU. Our 11 years as representative have been some of the best of our lives.   To be able to tell folks about this wonderful place and the care given our daughter Joy for 44 years has been a privilege we will never forget.  To Dr. Wm. Amstutz, Dan DeDonato,the Board and all responsible for this opportunity given us, we say thank you, and our interest and prayers will always be with you and the  vital ministry you perform daily for these precious ones with intellectual disabilities.  God bless each one and may He give you the best year in 2011 that Shepherds has ever witnessed is our prayer.
Ralph andMargie Poulson

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