Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pacing oneself during the race

Margie has learned to pace herself carefully so she can accomplish her goals.  She has done well in this and we are glad.  She made cookies, fudge and last week the Christmas Tea Rings.  Most of these are gifts for others. Today she goes to the chiropractor which will hopefully help her especially after her fall last week in our family room. Yesterday I was able to write 53 more letters to churches we visited during our years on the road for Shepherds.  That completes the second batch of such letters, plus numerous e-mails, phone calls and Thank You notes (handwritten) to supporting churches. I have been so blessed to continue my work for Shepherds in this way.  It is all because of their extreme thoughtfulness and kindness to us. I would appreciate prayer for and suggestions about at-home-employment  opportunities. I have researched hundreds of possibilities and as previously stated I need Divine guidance to find the right one.  Thanks for praying

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