Monday, December 6, 2010

A busy Weekend

This was a victory for Margie and a real answer to prayer.  We have missed Rawlie's birthday all the years we have been with Shepherds.  She really wanted to prepare him a meal so paced herself accordingly and was able to accomplish this.  We are grateful.  Not only was it Rawlie's birthday we were celebrating but the day we had it was their 28th wedding anniversary.  It was special to have them here.  Monique helped Margie decorate the tree, in fact she did it all.  I put the lights on and Monique did the rest.  We were blessed to have the young people from our church drop by Saturday evening and put a beautiful Christmas wreath on the front door of our house.  Rawlie and Monique attended services with us yesterday at our church and that was special having them with us.  After a meal of leftovers (from his birthday meal) they left for home.  What a great time we had with them. We treasure this much and even more as we are getting older. Thanks for praying for Margie's health.

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