Friday, December 24, 2010

Brunch at Poulsons

For years Margie has prepared Christmas brunch for our son and his family. Because of Gina's dad's illness and her mother's death in June, we have changed this to Christmas Eve brunch at the Poulsons.   Margie just came into the office as I was writing this to ask me to get the many things from the freezer which will help her make this fabulous breakfast/lunch which we have savored for many years.   Our children love it and of course the grandkids too.. I am thankful Margie is able to do it.  Although not real strong, she earnestly wants to have this traditional meal with our children.  After breakfast will be gift exchange time.  It will be a fun time. Tomorrow we go to Rawlie's house for Christmas.  This will be a first this year for the reason mentioned above. We'll give some more details tomorrow and Sunday about this.

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