Monday, June 20, 2016


When you hear of wars and revolutions, do not be frightened. These things must happen first, but the end will not come right away.Luke 21:9

Wars have always been men's lot; they never seem to cease,
In fact we think there are many more; they seem to really increase.
Jesus instructed us not to be afraid, when we see this happen today,
For surely they will come, and we must know they will still delay.
And we must know, because He said it is so; the end is not right now,
Because He is in control of all and someday the end He will allow. (RP)

Our son called from Omak, WA yesterday. They were at the hospital with our grandson, Benny. In the morning chopping wood for the campsite fire, the axe slipped and cut his leg.  So off to the emergency they went. He had stitches and was doing okay. He and his brother returned home to Stanwood and the family stayed. They will move today to a place that actually has cabins. That should be better. The weatherman says that summer officially starts this afternoon. Our weather here has been very nice. Thanks for praying.

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