Saturday, October 10, 2015


Be sure your sin will find you out. 
Numbers 32:23

We are prone to go about without thought of certain things,
Nor do we think things through or know what this brings.
If we are caught in sin, and keep on doing unwise acts,
We must look into the Bible and learn some basic facts.
One thing we know for sure is that our sin will find us out,
And God will hold us to it, and of this you better not doubt.(RP)

Last night Margie did poorly in her sleeping. Even I was up several times, more than usual. Today she is going to take it easy. If she doesn't, we will not be able to attend church tomorrow. The Bible class went well. There were 35 present. Margie's brother and sister-in-law come to the class. Also another couple comes with them. This couple will soon be going to Arizona, so we decided to have a meal together. It was a very nice time. We returned home and I immediately started on preparations for the next class in the book of Genesis. Thanks for praying.

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