Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Garage sale

Luke 10:29
But he, wanting to justify himself, said to Jesus, And who is my neighbor?

Good works will never save you, only Jesus saves from sin,
This man who talked to Jesus had no clue where to begin.
He assumed that giving much would be all that He required, 
He learned from Jesus that there's something else to be admired.
He thought he treated neighbors well, but Jesus showed another part,
And the way you treat mankind is based on what is in your heart.(RP)

Now that the book deal is on the way, we must focus on a garage sale. For about two years we have items stacked in the garage waiting for that day.  This Friday is the only day we have for he garage sale, because next week starts the Bible class at the Ferndale Senior Center. So our work  is cut out for us.  There is much to do before Friday.  I have already asked for some tables, and last night put in an add in the local newspaper for three days. We appreciate your prayers for this event. Please pray for physical strength and also good weather for the day.  Thanks so much.

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