Monday, April 2, 2012


Well, for about 3 days I have been fighting dizziness.  Hopefully the doctor today will be able to help me.  I must stay "upright" to take Margie to her medical appointments and help all I can.  So far I have been able to do this and am thankful.  Thanks for praying for us.   Yesterday I was privileged to preach and tell the story of Joy's transfer from Shepherds to Christian Health Care Center.  Our son drove us to a local restaurant and we enjoyed a meal together.  Later that day he returned to his home in Stanwood, WA.  Margie had a good night, the sun is shining and things look good outside.  We pray you all have a good day.  I talked to both of my brothers last night, one in Singapore and the other in Valdez, AK

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