Sunday, April 15, 2012

Let's go to church

What sweet words to hear.  We look forward to being in the worship service this morning at our church.  It is so important to be with friends, study the Bible and have fellowship.  We look forward to it. Yesterday Margie prepared the meal for our son and grandson and us.  When she feels up to it, she has real pleasure in doing this and yesterday was one of those days.  Saturday she also makes several phone calls, ministering to different friends this way.  Last night Margie had a rough spell with coughing and build up of phlegm but finally got control of the situation and was able to sleep.  Thanks for praying.  (LATER:  Margie awakened feeling badly so went back to bed.  So there is no church for us today.)  Please pray she will feel better and be able to get up and we can watch some program on TV.

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